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Dr Vekaria: One of UK’s Most Experienced Implant Dentists for Full-mouth Smile Reconstruction

Dr Balwant Vekaria

GDC no. 56005

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With over 30 years experience, Dr Vekaria has successfully placed over 10,000 dental implants.

Dr Vekaria placed his first implant in 1986 and since then has treated thousands of patients with cosmetic and Implant dentistry. The types of treatments vary from: single or full mouth dental implants, bone grafting, nerve repositioning and sinus grafting.

He has a vast experience in Full Mouth Dental Implant Restorations and Smile Makeovers. With his expertise in Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry and his caring and sympathetic approach, he has changed his patient’s lives forever in a positive way.

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  • Widest choice of Implant Options
  • The world’s best implant systems
  • At the forefront of advanced implant techniques & full mouth correction
  • Free Consultation for missing teeth with x-rays
  • Dr Vekaria is One of Only a Few ‘American Academy of Implant Dentistry’ Dentists in UK

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Some of Our Dental Implant Transformations

Full Mouth Restoration with Dental Implants

Full Mouth Restoration with Dental Implants

Full set of dental bridge fitted over dental implants will replace your teeth, giving you your smile and confidence back.

Smile Area Dental Implants

Missing teeth in the front are can be replaced with aesthetic crowns or bridges fitted over dental implants, giving you a natural smile and boosting your confidence!

Smile Area Dental Implants

Options to Restore and Enhance Your Smile

1. Single/Multiple Implants

1. Single/Multiple Implants

From £2,000 or *£111.11/month

A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw, placed into the jaw to create a permanent new root. A dental crown is then placed over the Implant.

From a gap in your fron tooth


Complete Single Dental Implant
3M Lava™ Zirconia (Aesthetic) Crown

*Monthly fee based on 0% over 18 Months

2. Implant Retained Denture

From £7,000 Per Jaw or *£117.56/month

A Fixed denture overcomes the issues of having loose or ill-fitting dentures and allows you to chew and smile with confidence

4 Implants + Removable Overdenture
*Monthly fee based on 20% deposit. 60 month at 9.9% APR


1 Year Free Support & Appointments
5 Year Implant Guarantee

2. Implant Retained Denture

3. Same Day Teeth All on 4 & 6

3. Same Day Teeth All on 4 & 6

From £12,500 or *£209.91 /month

Ground-breaking solutions for those who are looking for permanent fixed teeth solutions, eliminating partial or full dentures.

1. All-on-4 Implants: Dental bridge fixed on 6 implants. £12,500 or £209.91/month. (Save £5,000)

2. All-on-6 Implants: Dental bridge fixed on 6 implants. £14,000 or £235.10/month. (Save £2,500)

*Monthly fee based on 20% deposit. 60 month at 9.9% APR.


  • Temporary Bridge fitted the same-day
  • Extraction and socket bone graft (if necessary)
  • 1 Year Free Support & Appointments
  • 5 Year Implant Guarantee

4. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Price upon clinical assessment

The ultimate smile reconstruction, for those with no teeth or failing dentition and who dislike the idea of dentures.

May Include:

  • Eight or more Dental Implants per Jaw
  • With individual Dental Crowns per Implant (or a Dental Bridge)
  • Bone or Sinus Grafting if required to help build your smile or face and support Implants.
  • Overall whatever it takes to give you the most natural and long-lasting smile.

4. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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